10 Organizational Tips for a More Efficient Home Office

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Working from home can be great, but staying organized can be a real challenge. Without a formal office setting and a boss looking over your shoulder every minute, it can be hard to stay motivated and get things done.

Organizing your home office for maximum creativity and minimum distractions can help a lot.

Whether you are telecommuting for the boss or running your own business, a well-organized home office is an efficient one. Here are 10 smart organizational tips to get you started.

Use a color-coded filing system to keep your important paperwork neat and organized. No matter how you do it or what colors you choose, this visual system will make your life easier.

Perform a yearly, or quarterly, purge. Keeping everything is a recipe for disaster and disorganization, so take some time to shred old records and throw away the paperwork you no longer need.

Invest in a handheld scanner. Scanning your documents immediately will reduce the need to keep paper files and free up more space in your home office.

Set up an incoming mail station, complete with sorters. You do not need a dedicated mailroom, but you do need a space to organize your income mail and make sure all your correspondence gets the attention it deserves. Sorting your incoming mail and discarding the junk mail right away will make your life easier.

Print wirelessly. Investing in a wireless printer will free up space on your desk and allow you to set up a dedicated print station in your home office. Stock your print station with all the essentials, from extra paper and ink cartridges to wire baskets for the finished documents.

Use portable drawers for all your office essentials. Small pull-out drawers are perfect for everything from paper clips to push pins. You can stack these small drawers and move them around to create a more efficient home office.

Add shelves to increase storage space and improve efficiency. Wall-mounted shelves are perfect for the home office, so grab some brackets, pick up your drill and get going.

Choose your office furniture with efficiency in mind. A pull-out drawer can hold your keyboard, the bottom shelves can hold your paperwork and the roomy top can hold your computer and all the other essentials.

Buy the best office chair you can afford. You will be spending a lot of time in your chair, so make sure it has proper lumbar support, easy height adjustments and a comfortable seating area. You might not think a good chair could improve your efficiency, but it can.

Use a pegboard to keep the day's activities front and center. Pull finished items off your board and add new tasks as they arise.

Staying motivated and productive is not always easy when working from home. Between family distractions and your buzzing cell phone, it can seem impossible to stay focused, but an efficient home office could make a big difference. The efficiency tips listed above can help you stay neat, organized and productive, whether your home office is in its own space or tucked into an unused corner of your spare bedroom.

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