Can inbound marketing strategies save me money on advertising costs.

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Inbound marketing strategies have become the new digital medium of advertising. The bigger question however is whether or not inbound marketing strategies triumph over traditional marketing mediums. If you're a small to medium size business searching for a recession proof advertising or marketing solution inbound marketing strategies may be exactly what you're looking for.

Gone are the days when small businesses fall to the mercy of non-trackable advertising solutions and overpriced monopolized ad costs. With the advent of social media, Google Adsense, Facebook PPC, and a slew of digital advertising venues reaching your target market is much easier and more affordable then you've ever imagined. However, inbound marketing strategies have taken the digital ad medium a step further by allowing business the benefit of a somewhat magnetic consumer acquisition process.

Forget about hunting down customers and outrageous ppc click budgets. Now with inbound marketing strategies you can afford to have the consumer find you. Inbound marketing strategies can save businesses money because they allow the business to set up multiple advertising properties across the internet that in effect draw the consumer to the business based on a perpetual and automated campaign cycle. Tired traditional mediums require the business owner to pay for advertising and repeat the cycle with no perpetual benefit.

Some examples of these traditional mediums include newspaper slots, print ads, classified ads, and radio sponsorships. In contrast, inbound marketing strategies provide ongoing customer acquisition benefits long after the campaign processes are completed. For example, a properly optimized and content rich article is posted on a business blog in the month of January every year thereafter that same article will continue to acquire new customers for the business for the life of the website. By eliminating repetitive advertising costs the business is in effect saving money both in the short term and the long term.

As a small to medium size business owner I'm sure you're always on the lookout for low risk marketing activities. The good news is that many industries across all verticals are implementing inbound marketing strategies. Some of these industries include manufacturing, contracting, communications, e-commerce, music, and non-profit organizations.

If you'd like more information on the different types of businesses using inbound marketing strategies Hubspot provides a long list of business case studies across many different industry verticals. The concept of anti-pioneering is good news for your business because it means there is a solid marketing foundation for in terms of benchmarking, industry analytics, and proven inbound marketing strategy processes. Moreover, there are many inbound marketing agencies available to help your business navigate the waters as well as reduce your total advertising costs in the process.

In short, yes inbound marketing strategies can save your business money on advertising costs by reducing the cost of advertising, reducing the cost of consumer acquisition, increasing the benefits of advertising campaign periods, and increasing the longevity of consumer retention. The fact is businesses who are not using inbound marketing strategies are basically leaving money on the table and paying more to do so. Basically, if you can't afford those high traditional advertising costs you can afford inbound marketing strategies.

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