How Can I Use Customer Profiles For More Effective Marketing?

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Are you ready for more effective marketing that boosts your visibility, fosters good relationships with your customers, builds brand loyalty, and increases your profit margins? Then it's time to take a look at how you can use customer profiles when putting together a marketing campaign. Customer profiles help you to build up a strong sense of who your customers are and what they want. This information can then be used to divide your customers into distinct groups, making it easier to hone your marketing efforts to fit your intended audience. It all adds up to more effective communications and marketing that is far more likely to hit home. Let's take a look at what customer profiles are, why you need them, and how to build and use them.What Is A Customer Profile?

A customer profile, sometimes known as a buyer persona, is a snapshot of the type of person you are trying to reach when you market your business or service. Using customer profiles helps you to understand who you are reaching out to, what they want from you, and how you can deliver that. For marketing to really be effective, each customer you reach out to should feel that you are speaking directly to them, that you understand their problems, wants and needs, and that you can address those. Using customer profiles when planning a marketing campaign will help you to do just that.

Why Do You Need Customer Profiles?Imagine for a moment that you're marketing a catering service that delivers fresh healthy food direct to the workplace. Employees can place their own orders, or managers can place bulk orders for the whole office. How you market your service will differ depending on who you're talking to. For the employees, your marketing will focus on the convenience of having a healthy lunch conveniently delivered. For managers, you'll focus on increasing productivity by encouraging employees to stay in the office. By creating a customer profile for each type of custome, you can ensure you speak directly to their concerns in language that resonates.

How Can You Build Your Customer Profiles?

Building your customer profiles is all about gathering information on your audience and using it to craft marketing campaigns that appeal to them. This information can come from several sources, including:

Website statistics

Social media activity

Customer surveys

Web forms

Customer feedback

Information held on file

Online discussions

Networking events

Responses to previous campaigns

Use the information you gather to build up a clear written picture of each customer segment. Add some visuals such as stock photographs too, if it helps. Pull the information you have together to answer questions about your customers such as:

What are their demographics, such as age, sex and marital status?

What do they do for a living, and what is their salary?

What do they do in their free time and how do they spend their disposable income?

What relationship have they had with your business in the past, and what (if anything) have they bought from you?

What are their concerns and problems?

What do they want or need from your company and how can you provide that?

By answering these questions you'll be on the way to building vivid, useful customer profiles. You can then use those profiles to get clear on who your marketing is aimed at, to break your market down into segments, and to put together a campaign that directly engages each segment of its audience.

If you're ready to boost your marketing efforts, use customer profiles to get to know your audience so you can craft campaigns that speak their language.

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